Oceans Twelve / by Emma Ashby

The sea is a popular subject for artists working in encaustic. The fluidity and translucency of the medium lends itself well to the subject matter. It was 2011 when I first created a series of twelve 'Oceans' encaustic artworks for the Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth. People seemed to like them. People love the ocean. I love living by the ocean - the rhythm of the waves and tide has a calming influence on the soul. At the same time the power and the ferocity of an ocean storm can take your breath away. I shall be attempting to convey both aspects in a new series I have been asked to do by Nahcotta for a three person group show this July. I'll let you now how I get on! Here are some initial works in progress with a short video teaser. I will probably make a proper video of the series before the show.